Wolfgang Mann †
Wolfgang mann
Biographical information
DeathMay 2007
Spouse(s)Luise Mann †
Current residence

Wolfgang Mann was husband of Luise Mann and the father of Gregor von der Waldenau and Christian Mann. Wolfgang was a gambling addict. Not long before his death, Wolfgang robbed a gas station. Christian found out about it and knew that prison would destroy his father, so he took the blame for the incident and went to prison. Wolfgang died while Christian was still imprisoned.

Family treeEdit

Unknown Mann
Unknown Mann
Wolfgang Mann †
Luise Mann †
Sven Mann
Sonja Mann
Stella Mann
Christian Mann
Oliver Sabel
Gregor von der Waldenau
Luise von Waldensteyck
Christian von Waldensteyck
Katharina von Waldensteyck

Wolfgang Mann
Jürgen Haug
2835 (03.01.2007) - 2839 (09.01.2007)
2914 (02.05.2007) - 2916 (04.05.2007)

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