Tanja von Lahnstein
Biographical information
TitleCountess von Lahnstein
Spouse(s)Ring-ico Sebastian von Lahnstein
Div2m Ansgar von Lahnstein
(divorced) [2008-2011]
Wid2m Rajan Rai †
(widowed) [1997]
Wid2m Ben von Anstetten †
(widowed) [1995-1996]
OccupationMember of the Lahnstein Board
CEO of Ligne Clarisse-Lahnstein
CEO of the Lahnstein Holding
Current residenceCastle Königsbrunn
Düsseldorf, Germany

Tanja von Lahnstein (née Wittkamp, formerly von Anstetten) is a businesswoman living in Königsbrunn in Düsseldorf. She is the wife of Sebastian von Lahnstein, with whom she has a child - Emma von Lahnstein. She was formerly married to Sebastian's cousin, Ansgar von Lahnstein with whom she had Hannes von Lahnstein. She is a member of the Lahnstein Board and has two personal assistants, Kim Wolf and Jessica Stiehl.


Tanja is the daughter of Walter and Annegret Wittkamp, both of which are dead. She has two siblings, one of whom is Thomas, who died at a young age because of his father, but the family blamed Tanja and so she had to go to a psychiatric hospital for two years. The other sibling is a sister, Meike, who is currently the only surviving close relative of Tanja. Ironically, Meike is currently in a psychiatric hospital. Tanja has also mentioned that she has an uncle.

Family treeEdit

Ben von Anstetten †
Walter Wittkamp †
Annegret Wittkamp †
Rajan Rai †
Thomas Wittkamp †
Meike Breuer
Sebastian von Lahnstein
Tanja von Lahnstein
Ansgar von Lahnstein
Emma von Lahnstein
Hannes von Lahnstein

Tanja von Lahnstein
Miriam Lahnstein
109 (21.06.1995) - 177 (04.10.1995)

210 (24.11.1995) - 266 (15.02.1996)
318 (02.05.1996) - 601 (1997)          
682 (1997) - 830 (1998)
1500 (24.04.2001) - 1605 (05.10.2001)
2196 (16.04.2004) - 2470 (09.06.2005)
2653 (20.03.2006) - 2894 (30.03.2007)
3068 (12.12.2007) - 3525 (14.12.2009)

3588 (06.04.2010) - present