Nikolaus "Nick" Prozeski is the son of Walter and Katrin Prozeski as well as the husband of Milena Prozeski. He is also the brother of Ulrich Prozeski and Jessica von Deinburg-Thalbach.

His grandmother is Erna Prozeski.

His aunt is Clarissa von Anstetten

His cousin is Julia Mendes and has a cousin Jan Brandner.

Cousin and cousin 2 degrees Timo Mendes and Leonie Richter.


Life Edit

After he gave up his career as a footballer and inherited from his parents, he opened a shop for Designermode with Ulli and moved into a great apartment with Steffi and Uli. Then he had a one-night stand with Steffi's sister Milli, and Steffi had also stranger. So Nick and Steffi parted. When Nick learned that Milli was pregnant, he and his brother Ulli moved to Munich.

On the occasion of the wedding of Arno and Elisabeth, he and Milli return once again to Düsseldorf for a day.

When the two are again in Düsseldorf after a few years, they have been married for two months and are expecting their first child.

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