Milena Prozeski, née Sander is the daughter of Erika Sander and the wife of Nikolaus Prozeski.

Her sister is Stefanie Sander

And has a grandmother Helga Sander and a grandfather Willi Sander.

Her aunt is Iris Brandner and has an uncle Tim Sander.

Her cousins are Florian Brandner and Timo Mendes and has a cousin Susanne Brandner.

Life Edit

The timid Milli, who was very friendly with Natascha Seeger and Gabriella, one day spent one night with Nick, the friend of her sister, and was pregnant by him. She did not want to destroy the happiness of Steffi and Nick and first told nobody about her pregnancy. But the truth came to light, and Milli and Nick moved to Munich.

On the occasion of the wedding of Arno and Elisabeth, she and Nick again return to Düsseldorf for one day.

When the two are again in Düsseldorf after a few years, they have been married for two months and are expecting their first child.

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