Matthias Brandner
Biographical information
Spouse(s)Nathalie Brandner
Katja Brandner †
(widowed) [????-2008]
OccupationConstruction Manager
Current residenceAuckland, New Zealand

Matthias Brandner is the cousin of Arno Brandner, Achim Brandner and Philipp Brandner. He was married to Katja Brandner until her death and is now married to Nathalie Brandner, with whom he is raising Katja's extramarital child, Christina Brandner. He also has three children of his own with Katja - David Brandner, Fabian Brandner and Lydia Brandner. Matthias and Nathalie currently live in Auckland, New Zealand.

Family treeEdit

Unknown Brandner
Unknown Brandner
Unknown Brandner
Unknown Brandner
Iris Brandner †
Arno Brandner
Achim Brandner
Vera Brandner †
Philipp Brandner
Katja Brandner †
Matthias Brandner
Nathalie Brandner
Florian Brandner
Isabell Brandner
Jan Brandner
Nicola von Lahnstein
Philipp zu Hohenfelden †
Christina Brandner
Lydia Brandner
Susanne Brandner
Carolin Brandner
Leonie Richter
Jana von Lahnstein †
Leonard von Lahnstein
Sarah von Lahnstein
Nick Brandner
Paul Brandner
Lisa Brandner
Robin Brandner
Fabian Brandner
Julia Mendes
Ricardo Mendes
David Brandner
Timo Mendes

Matthias Brandner
Thomas Ohrner
3084 (15.01.2008) - 3591 (09.04.2010)
3641 (29.06.2010) - 3746 (14.12.2010)

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