Maria di Balbi †
Biographical information
OriginVerona, Italy
DeathMarch 2011
TitleMarquess di Balbi
Alias(es)Maria Galdi
Francesca von Lahnstein
Current residence

Maria di Balbi was a Marquess di Balbi, sister of Carlotta di Balbi and Francesca von Lahnstein, who has had affairs with both Johannes and later Ludwig von Lahnstein. She was the mother of Ansgar von Lahnstein.

Maria killed herself with an overdose of sleeping pills in a psychiatric hospital where she was sent by her son Ansgar. The main reason for it was the fact that Ansgar didn't want to have any contact with her.

Family treeEdit

Unknown di Balbi
Carlotta di Balbi †
Francesca von Lahnstein †
Johannes von Lahnstein †
Maria di Balbi †
Constantin von Lahnstein
Carla von Lahnstein
Ansgar von Lahnstein
Sarah von Lahnstein
Leonard von Lahnstein
Sophia von Lahnstein
Hannes von Lahnstein
Kim Wolf
Nick Brandner

Maria di Balbi
Simone Ritscher
3313 (21.01.2009) - 3676 (27.08.2010)
3731 (15.11.2010) - 3760 (07.01.2011)

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