Kerstin Richter
Biographical information
Current residenceParis, France

Kerstin Richter was once a girlfriend of Jan Brandner and she is the mother of their child, Leonie Richter. She lives in Paris by herself.


Kerstin studied history as well as German and English studies at the University of Cologne. At the same time she used to be a waitress in the NoLimits. She met Jan through his half-sister Susanne Brandner, and immediately fell in love with him. The two began a relationship and moved in together, but Kerstin realized that Jan was still thinking about Julia. One day she accidentally opened one of Jan's letters and discovered that Julia was in Spain, and was asking Jan to come to be with her. After thinking about it for a while, Kerstin gave the letter to Jan, and decided to accept the decision he would make. At first Jan wanted to go to Spain, but then decided to move to Paris with Kerstin instead and build himself a new life.

New life in ParisEdit

After a few weeks in Paris, Jan realized that there was no future for his relationship to Kerstin as he could not forget Julia, and decided to leave Kerstin for good. After Jan had already left, Kerstin discovered she was pregnant, but thought it would be impossible to make a family with Jan. She gave birth to Leonie, and raised her by herself. To best avoid her daughter's questions about her father, Kerstin told Leonie that her father left even though he had known that Kerstin was pregnant.

Letting her daughter goEdit

When Leonie was 17 in 2011, she decided to look for her father. She found some information on the internet, through Timo Mendes and Emilio Sanchez on Mallorca. She flew to Mallorca by herself to finally confront her father. Kerstin eventually found out that Leonie was not on a school trip as she had told her, but was looking for her father on Mallorca. She immediately followed her daughter to the Spanish island. Once there, Kerstin finally told Leonie the truth, but thought that Leonie should return to Paris with her, because she thought having a connection to Jan would only bring her daughter into trouble. As they were loading the taxi cab, Kerstin changed her mind and decided to allow Leonie to stay. She returned to Paris alone.

Family treeEdit

Jan Brandner
Kerstin Richter
Leonie Richter

Kerstin Richter
Julia Haacken
570 (05.06.1997) - 626 (27.08.1997)

3901 (15.08.2011) (on the phone)
3905 (19.08.2011) - 3913 (31.08.2011)

4013 (08.02.2012) - 4019 (17.02.2012)

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