Katja Brandner †
Biographical information
BirthDecember 1965
DeathDecember 2008
Spouse(s)Matthias Brandner
(widowed) [????-2008]
Current residence

Katja Brandner was the first wife of Matthias Brandner, with whom she had three children, David Brandner, Fabian Brandner and Lydia Brandner. In 2008, however, she had a one-night-stand with Lydia's boyfriend, Sebastian von Lahnstein, and got pregnant. She gave birth to Christina Brandner in December 2008, soon after which she died. Christina was raised by Matthias and his new wife Nathalie Brandner.

Family treeEdit

Nathalie Brandner
Matthias Brandner
Katja Brandner †
Sebastian von Lahnstein
Tanja von Lahnstein
David Brandner
Fabian Brandner
Lydia Brandner
Christina Brandner
Emma von Lahnstein
Nick Brandner

Katja Brandner
Diana Frank
3084 (15.01.2008) - 3306 (05.01.2009)

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