Castle Königsbrunn.

Castle Königsbrunn is the primary residence of the Lahnstein family, and is located near Düsseldorf. It is in existence since 1164. In 2011 it was threatened by a fire in the Lahnstein forests which surround the castle. A sudden rainfall put the fire out before it could reach the castle.


An aerial view of castle Ehreshoven as castle Königsbrunn. The layout of the castle grounds is a little different in the series.


Current ResidentsEdit

The CastleEdit

The OrangerieEdit

Former ResidentsEdit


Current PersonnelEdit

Notable Former PersonnelEdit


The entry hallEdit

Königsbrunn entry hall

The entry hall of Königsbrunn with Maria di Balbi and Elisabeth von Lahnstein in the foreground.

The entry hall is the first room one enters when they enter the castle. It has stairs leading upstairs to most of the suites, but the hall also leads to the guest room, the dining room and downstairs into the kitchen and cellar. The staff usually stands ready to greet guests in this hall.

The dining roomEdit


The dining room with Count Ansgar von Lahnstein.

The dining room is the room where the family eats, it is right off the entry hall. It leads to the fireplace room as well as back into the entry hall.

The fireplace roomEdit

The fireplace room is named after the fireplace in it, it is intended for relaxation, reading, etc. It leads both into the library and back into the dining room.

The libraryEdit


The library, with Ansgar and Ludwig watching a TV report.

The library functions also as an office for the family. Along with books, the library contains a hidden TV screen, a safe, and a secret passageway leading out of the castle.

The salonEdit

The salon is found right off the entry hall. Along with leading back to the hall, it also has a door for which it is unknown where it leads. The room contains a piano, which it is notable for, and is generally used by the family to accept guests.

Sebastian's suiteEdit


Tanja von Lahnstein in her suite.

Sebastian's suite is currently used by Sebastian, his wife Tanja, and their daughter Emma von Lahnstein.

Hagen's suiteEdit

Hagen's suite is currently used by him and his wife Marlene von Lahnstein. It is unknown if anyone has used it before Hagen's arrival to the castle in 2011. It has the same layout as Helena's suite.

Ansgar's suiteEdit

Königsbrunn ansgar sweet

Lydia Brandner in Ansgar's suite.

Ansgar's suite is currently only used by him, though he has shared it with his wives and girlfriends in the past.

Helena's suiteEdit

Helena's suite is currently occupied by her and her boyfriend Andi. Before, it functioned as a guest room for Luise von Waldensteyck. It contains a secret passageway and has the same layout as Hagen's suite.

Tristan's suiteEdit


Tristan and Marlene von Lahnstein in Tristan's suite.

Tristan's suite is currently only occupied by Tristan. It is unknown who the previous users of this suite were.

Ludwig's suiteEdit

Ludwig's sweet

Ludwig and Maria in Ludwig's suite

Ludwig's suite is the suite of Ludwig and his wife Elisabeth. It is unknown whether it was previously occupied by Johannes von Lahnstein and his wives, or even older ancestors such as Dietrich von Lahnstein.

Maria's suiteEdit

Königsbrunn maria sweet

Maria and her son Ansgar in Maria's suite.

Königsbrunn maria sweet2

Maria and her son Ansgar in Maria's suite.

Maria's suite was the suite used by Maria di Balbi while she was staying on Königsbrunn before her death. It is unknown if it is has been occupied by anyone else after Maria moved out.

Leonard's suiteEdit

Leonard's suite was used by Leonard von Lahnstein before he left for Boston. It is unknown whether it is currently used by anyone.

The kitchen and the manager's officeEdit

These two rooms are basically the headquarters of the castle's staff. This is where dinner is prepared for the Lahnsteins, and where much of the equipment is stored. There are doors that lead outside the castle from the kitchen, and also to the castle's cellar, along with stairs leading eventually into the entry hall.


Königsbrunn cellar working

Reconstruction of the castle's cellar because of the mushroom.

The cellar of the castle. In 2010 it got infested by a mushroom and cost the Lahnstein family a lot in order to remove it. Currently the cellar is functional again.


Königsbrunn unknownMariaFinalRoom

Maria in a small room in the castle, having knocked out Ludwig von Lahnstien and about to set a fire.

There are many other, mainly smaller rooms throughout the castle, which bear little significance. There are also some rooms that haven't appeared on screen yet, but might exist. One example would be Rebecca's suite but it is unknown whether she has her own suite, or if she uses the suite of someone who is currently not living in the castle, like for example Maria di Balbi or Leonard von Lahnstein.

Castle groundsEdit


Theresa Erzberger and Dana Wolf in the Lahnstein stable.

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