Jessica Princess of Deinburg-Thalbach, née Prozeski is the daughter of Walter and Katrin Prozeski as well as the sister of Nikolaus and Ulrich.

Her grandparents are Erna Prozeski and Gerd Prozeski.

And her aunt is Clarissa von Anstetten.

And also has a cousin Jan Brandner and a cousin Julia Mendes.

Cousin 2 degrees Leonie Richter and Timo Mendes.

Life Edit

Jessica follows her family from Westerfelde to Cologne. The trained nursery soon finds a new job in a nursery. Jessica has a secret because only she knows why her mother, Katrin, disappeared at the time and the family left alone. On a vernissage she falls in love with Alexander Berg. She does not suspect that behind this name a rich prince hides. Only when she discovers in the newspaper the marriage announcement of him and an Eva of Waller-Schönfeld, Jessica learns of his true identity and dissociates himself from Alexander. But he is fighting for her and even wants to turn away from his family to be with Jessica. Against the will of his father, he announces to want to soon marry Jessica. During the wedding, Alexander's father suddenly appears, changing his mind and reconciling with his son. After Jessica and Alexander have given the yes-word, there is a big farewell party at Friedenau Castle. Afterwards, the two go to the United Arab Emirates, where they want to start a new life together.

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