Iris Brandner †
Iris brandner
Biographical information
DeathJune 1996
Spouse(s)Arno Brandner
(widowed) [????-1996]
Current residence

Iris Brandner (née Sander) was Arno Brandner's first wife, who helped him raise his son, Jan Brandner, and also had two other children with Arno, Florian and Susanne. After an affair Arno had with Clarissa von Anstetten, the mother of Jan and Jan's twin sister Julia Mendes, Iris leaves the family. She dies of ectopic pregnancy later the same year with the father being Jürgen May.

Family treeEdit

Willi Sander †
Helga Sander
Erika Sander
Ricardo Mendes
Julia Mendes
Tim Sander †
Iris Brandner †
Arno Brandner
Milli Prozeski
Nick Prozeski
Steffi Sander
Timo Mendes
Florian Brandner
Isabell Brandner
Susanne Brandner
Carolin Brandner
Paul Brandner
Lisa Brandner

Iris Brandner
Regina Nowack
1 (02.01.1995) - 250 (24.01.1996)

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