Henriette Sabel
Henriette sabel
Biographical information
OriginMeppen, Germany
Spouse(s)Unknown Sabel
Current residenceMeppen, Germany

Henriette Sabel (née Schneider) is the mother of Oliver Sabel. She had lost contact with his son for a long time because she couldn't accept his sexuality. But finally when Oliver married Christian Mann did she come to terms with it. The names of her husband and her other son are not known. She still lives in Meppen.

Family treeEdit

Unknown Schneider
Lars Schneider
Thomas Schneider
Christel Schneider
Charlie Schneider
Henriette Sabel
Unknown Sabel
Sophia von Lahnstein
Olivia Schneider †
Oliver Sabel
Christian Mann
Unknown son

Henriette Sabel
Angelika Fornell
3672 (23.08.2010) - 3682 (06.09.2010)

Susanne Seuffert
1469 (08.03.2001) - 1471 (12.03.2001)

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