Henning von Anstetten †
Biographical information
BirthJune 1971
OriginDüsseldorf, Germany
DeathNovember 2002
TitleCount von Anstetten
Spouse(s)Marie von Anstetten †
(widowed) [2002]
Carolin von Anstetten
(divorced) [1999-2001]
Current residence

Henning von Anstetten was a Count von Anstetten, the son of Christoph and Astrid von Anstetten. His mother died when he was very young, so he grew up with his father and stepmother Clarissa von Anstetten. Henning's first wife was Carolin von Anstetten, who later betrayed him with his father, Christoph, after which they got divorced. Henning's second marriage was with Marie von Anstetten. On their wedding day, Henning fell from a tower and died.

Family treeEdit

August von Anstetten †
Victoria von Anstetten †
Astrid von Anstetten †
Christoph von Anstetten †
Clarissa von Anstetten
Ben von Anstetten †
Carolin von Anstetten
Henning von Anstetten †
Marie von Anstetten †
Julia Mendes
Ricardo Mendes
Rajan Rai †
Tanja von Lahnstein
Sebastian von Lahnstein
Aaron von Anstetten
Timo Mendes
Emma von Lahnstein

Henning von Anstetten
Patrik Fichte
1255 (07.04.2000) - 1860 (13.11.2002)

Hendrik Martz
868 (1998) - 1253 (05.04.2000)

Markus Hoffmann
1 (02.01.1995) - 250 (24.01.1996)

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