Episode 2196
Season 1, Episode 2196
Air date April 16, 2004
Written by Julia Meimberg
Directed by Petra Clever
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Episode 2196 aired on Friday, April 16, 2004 for the premiere. Present main characters: Arno, Elisabeth, Bernd, Vanessa, Charlie, Andi, Robin, Jana, Nico, Johannes, Cécile, Carla, Ansgar, Leonard, Alexa, Tanja, Hanna and David.

Storyline Edit

Villain's revival Edit

Ansgar gets a call from Rush's assistant, who is now working on investments. Although he is skeptical, Ansgar agrees to meet her. Meanwhile, Charlie recognizes Tanja in Rush's assistant and fears hers return. In desperation, she hurries to Arno and Elisabeth, but Arno assures Charlie that Tanja is dead. Ansgar meets with Rush's assistant, Tanja von Anstetten.

Path to liberation Edit

With fear of death, Carla shoots one of the kidnappers. While Carla and Vanessa escape from captivity, Bernd losing hope that Vanessa is alive and decides to try to kill herself. At this moment, Vanessa and Carla return in Königsbrunn, which greatly pleased him. While the Lahnstein family cares about frightened Carla, Leonard agrees to arrange a meeting between Carla and Hanna. At the time, as Hanna promises Carla that everything will go back to their seats, Vanessa says Bernd about the existence of a third kidnapper, giving him a reason to worry that Carla finds out the truth.

Peace in relationship Edit

Nico perplexed by Andi's antics and still falls asleep in his arms, but wakes up the next morning and escapes first kiss with him. However, Andi is trying to do everything possible to keep their warmth in the relationship. Meanwhile, Jana's suspicions lead to a dispute with Andi. Jana still finds out that Andi secretly took Nico, but Nico protects his and thanks for the help.

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