Episode 1605
Season 1, Episode 1605
Air date October 5, 2001
Written by Marianne Sander
Directed by Volker Schwab
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Episode 1605 aired on Friday, October 5, 2001 for the premiere. Present main characters: Clarissa, Henning, Tanja, Martin, Beatrice, Marie, Felix, Franziska, Daniel, Andi, Isabell, Mark, Tom, Alexa, Jule and Oliver.

Storyline Edit

Sad news Edit

Clarissa is shocked to see Tanja in the private jet. Meanwhile, Martin and Henning receives alarming news one by one: radio contact with Clarissa's private jet is interrupted, Tanja neutralized the flight attendant and was able to enter the private jet. Marie returned from London and hoped for the best, but Clarissa with Tanja's phone asks for a high ransom in exchange for your life. At the time of the private jet's crash, Clarissa takes away Tanja's gun. Martin and Henning receives the sad news: Clarissa's private jet is crashed.

Fragile test Edit

Alexa is upset after Janina's dirty game. She shares your experiences with Franziska and Tom and decides to check Felix's professional attitude to Janina. Himself, Felix didn't notice her dirty game and seduction attempt and convinces to Franziska that only has a professional interest to Janina. In turn, Franziska pleased Alexa by this fact, she looks forward to new hopes, but becomes a witness to their friendly embrace.

New job Edit

To raise money for the Pan Americana, Andi was bewildered by the job search. Oliver gives him an indication that Jule needed new waiter. Andi goes to get a job, but Jule and Isabell refuse him due to lack of experience. Daniel decides to rescue your brother and convinces to Jule to give Andi a chance. Andi finally learns that he is accepted to work, but Jule tells him that he owes your job to Daniel.

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