Episode 1603
Season 1, Episode 1603
Air date October 2, 2001
Written by Tom Chroust
Directed by Volker Schwab
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Episode 1603 aired on Tuesday, October 2, 2001 for the premiere. Present main characters: Clarissa, Henning, Tanja, Arno, Elisabeth, Beatrice, Marie, Gabriella, Isabell, Christian, Lukas, Jule, Lara and Oliver.

Storyline Edit

Revenge of the left Edit

Fortunately, when Tanja was going Clarissa to shoot, she is leaving in a limousine. In anger, Tanja rushes to Lukas and demanding that he be returned her to Clarissa's money. Then she comes to Beatrice and insists that she had access to Beyenbach's private jet. As a result, Tanja pushes Lukas and Beatrice into a trap: she fills the car with gas, before you close the car door and leave them there in fear of death.

Difficult period Edit

Lara full the patience to «first time» with Christian, but due to indecision, appeals for advice to Gabriella and Elisabeth. Elisabeth understands her and discuss it with Arno, to give the peace loving couple. Lara is preparing for a date with Christian, but on the threshold she finds Pia, which reports that Christian will not come out because of employment and brings from him an apology.

Friendly insult Edit

Isabell is upset about Jule's leaving and shares your little insult with Oliver. She realizes that can't decide for her, but feels disappointed. Oliver informs Jule about it. She comes to her friend and assures Isabell that she will always hold an important place in her life. So when Jule invites Isabell to become the godmother of her unborn child, she happily agrees.

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