Episode 1602
Season 1, Episode 1602
Air date October 1, 2001
Written by Björn Firnrohr
Directed by Volker Schwab
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Episode 1602 aired on Monday, October 1, 2001 for the premiere. Present main characters: Clarissa, Henning, Tanja, Elisabeth, Marie, Felix, Isabell, Christian, Mark, Lukas, Alexa, Jule and Oliver.

Storyline Edit

Hidden danger Edit

Clarissa is positively disposed to fly on a private jet to the Bahamas. Thanks to Marie's perseverance, Clarissa agrees along with her make a short stop in London. Meanwhile, Tanja returns to Düsseldorf and preparing a revenge plan. When Clarissa stopped near the limo that will take her to the airport, Tanja waiting for her with gun in the hand.

Anti-best concerns Edit

To Isabell's happiness, Jule returned from Thessaloniki. Isabell sees in important matters is not only participation in the business, but also taking care of a pregnant Jule. Isabell asks Jule for Simon's reaction to information that he is father of the child, but Jule out the answer. In addition, Jule is considering to go to Simon in Greece that Isabell is very worried.

Is the partnership over? Edit

The fact that Christian has decided to become famous, Felix is touches. Even Alexa's accusations do not alter Christian's decision. Only after, Felix was rescued by Christian, he realized your guilt. Christian decides to learn more about Felix' projects, but interest is quickly lost and returns to the theme of your career. When friends decide to talk, Felix realizes that Christian has changed.

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