Episode 1601
Season 1, Episode 1601
Air date September 28, 2001
Written by Björn Firnrohr
Directed by Holger Franke
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Episode 1601 aired on Friday, September 28, 2001 for the premiere. Present main characters: Clarissa, Henning, Tanja, Arno, Elisabeth, Martin, Beatrice, Marie, Felix, Franziska, Charlie, Daniel, Andi, Christian, Mark, Lukas, Tom, Alexa and Lara.

Storyline Edit

The end or...? Edit

Until the public learns of Clarissa's innocence and that Henning is actually alive, Clarissa celebrates victory over Tanja. Charlie and Arno to appear at Clarissa's party, the old friends recall their past adventures. Clarissa announces that decides to go on vacation to the Bahamas, Marie is going to accompany her to London. At the time, as Clarissa thinks her story with Tanja finally is finished, Tanja escapes from custody.

Career partnership Edit

Felix and Christian realize that they have done little in recent time together and celebrate their partnership with Janina and Lara. Despite the fact that Felix was surprised that Christian remains, sharing the partnership with the career, they agree to meet tomorrow. When Christian successfully transfers a press conference, Felix confronts your decision, adhering to the principles that leads to the dispute between them.

Brotherly quarrel Edit

Because Andi's abusive behaviour, Daniel quarreling with your brother. He comes to Mark and shares your problems with him. Mark tries Daniel to convince that Andi has changed, but Daniel couldn't believe it. At this time, Andi leaves the house. The next morning, Daniel finds your brother and tries to make peace with Andi, promising that more will not patronize him. Finally, Daniel and Andi reconciled and returned the house.

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