Episode 1464
Season 1, Episode 1464
Air date February 28, 2001
Written by Daniela Wiegard
Directed by Annette Herre
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Episode 1464 aired on Wednesday, February 28, 2001 for the premiere. Present main characters: Clarissa, Henning, Kati, Nina, Mark, Alexa, Simon, Jule, Marie, Lara, Martin, Beatrice, Felix and Franziska.

Storyline Edit

Guilty grief Edit

Marie calms down, when Henning not is decided to read Christoph's diary. However, he can not forget this book and decides to read the diary, first to resist temptation. Henning in shock from reading: Christoph always wanted to Henning forgive him and they were able to establish the relationship between father and son. Later, Marie finds Henning, who is tormented with guilt, at the cemetery.

Hope for the best Edit

Lara arranges the search of your biological mother. Due to the fact that the detective agency is very expensive, Nina offers to help Lara. Mark also connects to help her, then Lara hopes that Elisabeth will be able to tell the truth about her biological mother, but her hopes a bit suppress Mark's information, not having a single clue.

Hidden relationships Edit

After the first sex with Kati, Felix is full of hopes at the beginning of their relationship. However, Kati has doubts about the continuation of this love and asks Franziska, involuntarily became the witness of their kiss, not to tell anyone about it. Because of this, Felix resents that Kati is shy to put their feelings on display. To prove otherwise, she kisses him on Beatrice's eyes.

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